June 02, 2024 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:
Oh where to start… Tough day but all ok in the end…
Both boys were on the roof of the nest building when I arrived. So great to see. It started raining.. And Tava flew off.. Mom said nope! Back you go! His landings are really not good at all.  Roshan is finally sitting on the ledge! And so much fluff is gone, huge difference from yesterday. Since it was raining, I went and got myself breakfast!
The rain finally stopped, I was joined by Mike, then Bob and then finally, Rob and Ivy…. and the boys revved up.
I’m sorry but so many flights I don’t remember them all but here are the ones I remember most .
Simba is amazing. Great flights, decent landings. You can almost see him calculating what he’s going to do. So one flight, he went across the street, landed then off again and as he was trying to get home, in came Tava(brat!)! He was after Simba , over him and caused Simba to land on the top of the window, 2 levels down from the nest ledge. Tava continues on across the street and Mom has joined… She went to him, talons out, scolding him! She did not touch him, just read him the riot act…. And then came back and did it again! Boy, was she pissed lol.
Unfortunately, things went down hill from there for Tava. He flew off, attempting to land on the nest building roof, missed, recovered, headed out over the hill, turned and tried again. Missed again, recovered, headed out again over the hill, turned but then decided to try to land on the building across from the nest building, which he has landed on 4 times before, but still hit it, fairly hard, and came down at Bob’s feet. I scooped him up and into a carrier for a time out. A long time out to make sure he was ok.  Bob and I were very upset. We do not like to see a flighted bird come down. So he spent a few hours there.
Roshan got fed and hung out on the ledge. Simba did some great flights.
Then it was time to check Tava out. We had him throughly checked over and whew, he was given the green light to be released!
Simba was now on the roof so… Uh oh. But Bob had a talk with him lol and he obliged and flew across the street, landing 3 floors down on that narrow ledge.
We took that as a sign and hurried Tava to the roof and his release. He looked back at us peeking at him(Rob said he was thanking us but I don’t think that was what he was thinking lol) and he was off. By the time we got down to the street , he was up, then he flew next door, top level! Best landing he’d done yet. Then when dad landed around the corner, he flew over to him, same level! Pretty darn good. And there he was at dark.
Roshan was on the nest ledge still and Simba decided that the tiny ledge was a good place to spend the night! We’ve seen fledglings do it before, so I know he’s going to be just fine.
So, Roshan,  you are up! Come on girl.. Tomorrow is good weather (Tuesday and Wednesday are calling for thunderstorms so… ) let’s get going! I have to get back to work lol.
Looking forward to a less stressful day..
Pics from Rob and Mike (thank you, thank you). I am too tired to look at my pics from the morning but I will share my cell phone pics of Tava.