Banding Day chcnge

May 27, 2023 - Toronto - Don Mills

Marion Nash Reports:

Banding day at Duncan Mill Rd is changed to June 15th at 10:00 AM

Duncan Mill Rd banding

May 25, 2023 - Toronto - Don Mills

Marion Nash Reports:

Quest and Canuk have had a hatch. Banding day is set for June 15th at 10:00 Am stay tuned for banding information and photos

Congrats Quest & Canuck!!

May 22, 2023 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

UPDATE DON MILLS :  And we have a hatch(es?)!!! Congrats to Quest and Canuck!! Yesterday Sally and I spent a fair bit of time watching and believed a hatch to be any time - though we had an intruder, just to make things a bit dramatic! So I was back today and timed it perfectly as Quest brought food to the nest box, Canuck and Quest had a cute moment checking out the kids then it was Quest’s show! She proceeded to feed and echup sweetly to her chick(s). As I cannot see into the nest box, it’s a guess at this time how many. As she took a bit of time to feed, I’m hoping at least 2. I will be checking throughout the week to get a shot of those little bobble heads to show.

April 27th.

April 27, 2023 - Toronto - Don Mills

Marion Nash Reports:

Quest is on 3 eggs. Confirmed by our new climber April 27th. He also saw a mid air food transfer.

Quest & Canuck

April 10, 2023 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

So, I’ve been watching this site very closely… And Quest and Canuck, well, they are a couple. I observed mating today, so I expect to see her down on eggs sometime next week.  This is a first for CPF… Mother and son. I’m sure it’s not a first elsewhere but it is here. So, something different. But it is what it is. From now on, I will be referring to him as her mate. And watching with great interest. She’s our girl and we hope for the best for her and Canuck.

Goodbye Mystery

March 30, 2023 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Before the season starts, I just want to say a proper goodbye to another one of our resident peregrines, Mystery. He was a great mate to Quest since 2016. They had 22 successful hatches and fledges(tho some were lost after). He was a great Dad, taught his young well, looked out for them, fed them and was always on the alert! He was famous for his many, many alarm calls, which his young picked up quickly and were known to join in on the calls lol. I loved watching their interactions… He would try so hard to get egg time and then try to look after or feed the kids but Quest would only give him small amounts of time… It was so funny and cute. He will be missed

Spring is around the corner!

March 10, 2023 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

UPDATE : Well, Canuck is still on site and they are looking like a couple! Things still could change but time is getting close to eggs! It’s been quite snowy and cold here for the past few weeks but spring is around the corner… Here are a few pics from the last few weeks. Canuck is a handsome fellow!


February 21, 2023 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Canuck is still on site! I’ve been trying to get over there as much as I can. He’s not on site for long when I’m there but I’ve been able to id him 2 days. Yesterday a male just flew by the nest ledge where Quest was. Quest whined then flew after him. Sunday, I found Canuck in Quest’s spot across the street then he flew to join Quest further down the street. Today was cold and very windy so I didn’t stay long. I found Quest chowing down on a ledge on the nest building but did not see any male. The pictures are from the different days I was there. I’ll continue to watch and I’ll keep you posted

Beautiful day-And Quest is home!

February 15, 2023 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Well, it’s been awhile! I have been getting observations from our friend Carolyn over at Don Mills fairly regularly that she has seen two peregrines on and off over the winter. I haven’t been able to get over there when she’s texted and when I did drop by, no one was home. But today, when Carolyn texted, I was free, the weather was good and off I went. I saw someone flying to the nest box as I drove up, so I parked in my favourite spot, across the street in the parking lot and took out my camera. And there was one, then a second! Echupping, talking to each other. One was in the box, talking, the other right outside. I thought, bit early for such displays, but ok, it’s a nice day lol. Then off one flew. I knew I got a shot of the legs but first wanted to ID the one in the box. Out she came… I knew it was Quest but I had to get her bling. And yep, confirmed, our beautiful Quest still rules Don Mills! So great to see her. Then I looked back at my pics to see the male… Not Mystery! Bands! And I knew those bands… But not the name. Called Marion and… It was Canuck!!! Quest and Mystery’s boy from 2020…Ohh boy… Now, it could be he was visiting… Maybe Mystery was off somewhere?? But Quest’s behaviour… Well  it seemed as if she was looking for a mate… Hmmmm. Well, now I have to drop by every day to see just what is happening here lol. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to see Canuck alive and well but… Time will tell.. I’ll keep you posted

Someone came to visit and it’s a Canadian boy!!

August 16, 2022 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:
So this update is for both CANADA SQUARE and DON MILLS:

Sally and I did our weekly spot check on Tuesday–noone home at Don Mills/Amexon and there was an accident on the 401 so no going to check on Piper.  So we headed towards Don Mills site.  I saw a bird on the blue glass building across York Mills so we pulled in and up to their garage roof.  Yup peregrine, adult.  Sally said banded!  Quest?  I didn’t think so, just didn’t look or act like her.  It had its back to us but stood up, I got a partial– 0/A!!  We have an intruder–and those numbers are ours so….we weren’t going anywhere until we ID’d this bird!  Next I thought I saw a W…after quite a bit he finally got up and stretched his other leg–blue tape!!  Oh boy, definitely ours!  Finally Sally got a clear 7/W–07/AW!!  Groucho, a 2020 hatch from Canada Square!!  Love It when they come home!!  Not so happy he’s so close to Quest & Mystery…So we had our id so time to head over to nest site.  Saw Quest immediately on the rooftop of Thales, watching Groucho.  No Mystery in sight.  Then in came a juvie-landed over on the copper building.  After a bit we decided to go id the juvie before it got too dark–Nitro!!  As we were doing that we turned and both Quest and Groucho were gone! Then Nitro was off too..but we saw him fly over the woods, up and around the hotel and over to Thales.  And there he stayed for the night!  Will Groucho return?  Or turn up somewhere else?  Time will tell…
AND I just had to go back over tonight–found Quest on the building across from the nest building.  After a while a juvie flew in and landed first on the nest box!  Then flew over beside Mom, did a little groveling and Mom said no way, get your own snack lol.  Off he went.  So I followed.  Found him over on Thales but not for long!  He went hunting-missed and ended up in the trees right beside me!!  Had to take pics into the sun but he’s a cutie–I never got a band number but the band colour looked green to me–I sent my pics to Sally and she agreed it looks green!  So hello Ace!!  He did some whining and after he flew off-hunting in the school parking lot!-I saw a sleeping racoon in the tree beside where he had been-he didn’t like that.  He was unsuccessful in the parking lot-he came over and down in front of the Kraft building where I lost him.  I didn’t see him again–he either had his prize and was chowing down somewhere or he went to hunt somewhere else!  Quest was still on the rooftop and there I left her for the night, guarding her queendom!
Sally and I are going to go tomorrow night to see who might show up!!  Great to see them!