June 03, 2024 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:
Mike arrived on site first this morning-rode his bike a long way!!  He found Roshan on nest ledge and both boys on the building next door eating something.  Then Tava flew to the roof of the nest building, with Simba next but he did a lap around the building and then landed next to Tava–good job boys!  The boys were having a bit of a tussle so Mom did a flyby with a few words-you tell them Mom!
I then arrived.   Simba made beautiful fight over us and landed again beside Tava.  Doing great!  Simba flew off again, over us then looped around and landed on the upper roof of the nest building–well done,  This was to become a “hot spot” for the boys during the day!  So many flights.  We were joined by Ted, Rob and Bob.
Mom came in to check on Roshan–3 times!! and was chased off by a screaming girl each time lol.  She went to check on Tava who was now on the roof across the street and she got the same reception- obviously no one had been fed  But lots of food came during the day to everyone.  Mom was beak feeding Roshan in the nest box—Mom! She’s never going to leave the ledge if you continue this!
There were so many flights, I cannot remember them all.  Simba is just amazing, Tava! Tava is finally landing properly- maybe that knock yesterday did him some good!  We found the imprint on the window he hit.  I have included it in today’s pictures.  Ugh.
There were 2 flights that he came dangerously low on- very odd but with his parents help, he got out of them nicely.  A bit reckless maybe??  Hopefully he learned a lesson.  Both Canuck and Bellatrix continue to impress me.  They are so attentive to the kids.   Hopefully this will continue with Roshan, as she will be so behind the boys when she does fly.  Her down is disappearing nicely but she is not very active.  She is a cutie though and when she is up, I am enjoying watching her.
The boys chose to sleep on the same building but different levels tonight.  And I mean chose.  These two are flying so well already.  Tava has landed on the dreaded copper building and checked out the railings his parents love to sit on.  Need Simba to do the same so that isn’t a problem.  Every other building they have explored–poor Mom and Dad are getting chased off of all of them!!
It was a good day.
Enjoy the great pictures from Rob, Ted and Mike
Would be great if Roshan would fly tomorrow!