June 02, 2024 - Etobicoke - Sun Life Centre

Cathy Kerr Reports:
A few photos of FREDDIE, MIA & LOLA from June 1.  At the end of the evening, FREDDIE was all tucked in, but the girls decided on a another flight or two.  All good though.  LOLA went to the nest ledge for the night, I hope, and I don’t know where MIA ended up, but the parents were chilled and I called it a night around 8:30.
Today, June 2, Rob did a check in the morning and in the evening.  It looks like they are in that playful and silly stage, that we call the “follies”.  As long as they don’t cocky, we hope to see some good flights, landings and food transfers.  It can be quite entertaining watching the air play.  All 3 were on the roof when Rob left so hopefully it stayed that way.
I also wanted to thank Marlene from the Masters Condos, home of ARIA and GROUCHO, who came by on Saturday when I was there and then this afternoon to check on the birds and to get familiar with our site in case more volunteer help is needed.
I look forward to hearing Rob’s and Bruce’s observations tomorrow and hope to get down there in the next couple of days.  Cheers, Lucie