Someone came to visit and it’s a Canadian boy!!

August 16, 2022 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:
So this update is for both CANADA SQUARE and DON MILLS:

Sally and I did our weekly spot check on Tuesday–noone home at Don Mills/Amexon and there was an accident on the 401 so no going to check on Piper.  So we headed towards Don Mills site.  I saw a bird on the blue glass building across York Mills so we pulled in and up to their garage roof.  Yup peregrine, adult.  Sally said banded!  Quest?  I didn’t think so, just didn’t look or act like her.  It had its back to us but stood up, I got a partial– 0/A!!  We have an intruder–and those numbers are ours so….we weren’t going anywhere until we ID’d this bird!  Next I thought I saw a W…after quite a bit he finally got up and stretched his other leg–blue tape!!  Oh boy, definitely ours!  Finally Sally got a clear 7/W–07/AW!!  Groucho, a 2020 hatch from Canada Square!!  Love It when they come home!!  Not so happy he’s so close to Quest & Mystery…So we had our id so time to head over to nest site.  Saw Quest immediately on the rooftop of Thales, watching Groucho.  No Mystery in sight.  Then in came a juvie-landed over on the copper building.  After a bit we decided to go id the juvie before it got too dark–Nitro!!  As we were doing that we turned and both Quest and Groucho were gone! Then Nitro was off too..but we saw him fly over the woods, up and around the hotel and over to Thales.  And there he stayed for the night!  Will Groucho return?  Or turn up somewhere else?  Time will tell…
AND I just had to go back over tonight–found Quest on the building across from the nest building.  After a while a juvie flew in and landed first on the nest box!  Then flew over beside Mom, did a little groveling and Mom said no way, get your own snack lol.  Off he went.  So I followed.  Found him over on Thales but not for long!  He went hunting-missed and ended up in the trees right beside me!!  Had to take pics into the sun but he’s a cutie–I never got a band number but the band colour looked green to me–I sent my pics to Sally and she agreed it looks green!  So hello Ace!!  He did some whining and after he flew off-hunting in the school parking lot!-I saw a sleeping racoon in the tree beside where he had been-he didn’t like that.  He was unsuccessful in the parking lot-he came over and down in front of the Kraft building where I lost him.  I didn’t see him again–he either had his prize and was chowing down somewhere or he went to hunt somewhere else!  Quest was still on the rooftop and there I left her for the night, guarding her queendom!
Sally and I are going to go tomorrow night to see who might show up!!  Great to see them!