Nitro’s back! No place like home :)

August 09, 2022 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

And he’s home! Hello Nitro! Sally and I first went to check on Piper, but there was no one home. Then we got a text from Carolyn that there was a juvie on the rooftop at Don Mills! So we headed over to find Nitro hanging out, first on the old Harlequin building tippy top lol. He flew off to let us get a good look at his big crop. He only went to the back of the building, then flew after a parent who landed on 240, only to be chased off by Nitro. Didn’t see parent again. But Nitro showed us his bling to confirm it was him… Mississauga isn’t that far away, a nice place to visit but there’s no place like home lol. He ended up on Thales and there we left him for the night! Great to see him. Thanks again to Carolyn for letting me know he was home.