A 2020 juvie has come home!!

August 16, 2022 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Cathy Kerr Reports:
Sally and I did our weekly spot check on Tuesday–noone home at Don Mills/Amexon and there was an accident on the 401 so no going to check on Piper.  So we headed towards Don Mills site.  I saw a bird on the blue glass building across York Mills so we pulled in and up to their garage roof.  Yup peregrine, adult.  Sally said banded!  Quest?  I didn’t think so, just didn’t look or act like her.  It had its back to us but stood up, I got a partial– 0/A!!  We have an intruder–and those numbers are ours so….we weren’t going anywhere until we ID’d this bird!  Next I thought I saw a W…after quite a bit he finally got up and stretched his other leg–blue tape!!  Oh boy, definitely ours!  Finally Sally got a clear 7/W–07/AW!!  Groucho, a 2020 hatch from Canada Square!!  Love It when they come home!!  Not so happy he’s so close to Quest & Mystery…So we had our id so time to head over to nest site.  Saw Quest immediately on the rooftop of Thales, watching Groucho.  No Mystery in sight.   After a bit Quest escorted him off site.  Will Groucho return?  Or turn up somewhere else?  Time will tell…
Update:  As of August 19, Groucho has not returned to Don Mills to my knowledge.  I will keep an eye out for him