June 09, 2022 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

DAY ONE FLEDGE WATCH DON MILLS:  Well, busy morning!! I arrived to find only 3 on nest ledge..oh oh…but as I was going to park, I found Ace, across the street,  4 floors up(not bad height) but this building doesn’t have much of a ledge and fledglings have always had trouble getting off this building. Most come down, a few figure it out. Well,  Ace had ALL day to figure it out and didn’t.  He’s still there lol. Fingers crossed for what I find tomorrow. Later I was joined by Bob. And then parents brought food to the other three so I saw my chance to take a quick break while Bob watched Ace.  And of course, Nitro decided to fledge! Bob almost missed it..he saw a large bird flying low below Ace and realized it was one of the 3! He watched him fly low , cross the street,  hook around and back to nest building,  where he just missed the 2nd floor and fell gently to the first! Too low. We were joined later by Marion and then Sally in the evening. Nitro spent most of the day ledge hopping back and forth, back and forth.  He finally slipped and came to ground. As Bob and I approached,  Quest started alarm calling lol.  Poor Nitro was a bit panicked but I managed to scoop him up with my trusty towel, with help from Bob.  We put him safely back up on the roof in the evening and hopefully he’ll have better luck tomorrow.  Yeager spent the day ledge hopping. Zigzag was a ledge potato though once Yeager was back in the evening,  he finally took his first jump up onto the nest box!! He’s coming along…long day! And more to come..stay tuned