Boys will be boys….trouble lol

June 07, 2016 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

What a day with 3 boys!!!  Started off fairly quietly-found Achilles on the roof with Mom, Marta in the nest box, Geddy one ledge down and Jet one ledge down from that!  Geddy & Jet had figured out how to pass the pillars, so back and forth they went!  Then Achilles took a lovely flight off the roof, over the parking lot to the south west, circled and flew back to the roof!!  Way to go Achilles!! Bob & I were joined by Irma. Now, the other boys…both were blown down a ledge lower each! Very windy day! Mom stuffed Marta–she was fed a least 5 times today!  The boys…not so lucky.  After Achilles flight, Mum rewarded with a bite. Then fed Geddy, then Marta…but not poor Jet.  Everyone settled for a wee nap, Achilles on the roof corner for abit, then jumped down on the roof out of sight.  Mom came in with MORE food for Marta, causing quite a raucus with Jet & Geddy, causing Jet to fall another floor lower…yes the lowest floor!  We had started to wonder about Achilles, so I was off looking for him, everyone else was waiting for Jet to fall when Geddy decided to try his first flight!  Unfortunatly, he hit the 5th floor window on the east side of the Harlequin building(yes that favorite spot) and came down!  Thanks to the lovely young ladies at HQ for finding him for us!  Bob got the net on him and we got him in the crate and he spent the rest of the day in quiet comfort!  So, now we have one in the nest box, one in the crate, one on the bottom floor and one MIA.   Jet spent the next 4 hours or so on that ledge.   Bob did escort some geese and their gosling to the river in the meantime lol. But still no sign of Achilles. Until I watched Quest, circle round and round, going over 240 building and HQ building.  Hmmm. Watched her float above 240, so I went over and around(Bob & I swore we heard a faint squeeing) then watched Quest land on the roof.  Next thing she is heading over to her corner at HQ….with Achilles in tow!!  They landed on her corner, then she took off over to the nest building and Achilles followed-he was home!!  Great flying!!!  He didn’t stay too long and headed back to 240! Meanwhile, Mark and Marion arrived, and Geddy was checked over and released to the roof!  He was up to the corner in no time!  By the time Mark & Bob got down from the roof, Jet was down!  He was quickly scooped up and up to the roof he went!  My cue to go home!!  Mark, Marion & Bob stayed behind til dark.  But first Geddy had to fly again, of course!  He ended up behind HQ!  Jet stayed on the roof, Marta in the nest box and Achilles, well, he took a bit of a fit and flew, and flew and flew!  Mark swears at least 5 minutes and he went FAR! Across Don Mills!!! Ended up on the Tridel building and there he was at dark.  No worries about him-his flying is spectacular and he will be home when he is ready!! So tomorrow, its Geddy and Jet’s turn for some spectacular flying–just stay up boys!

Bob & geese Geddy rescue Jet Mark & Jet-rescue