King St Pair in the Area

January 29, 2012 - Toronto - King Street

Tracy Simpson Reports:

After visitng the Holcim site, Frank and I went down to King St to check in on Erin and her mate.  The male has yet to show us who he is but not for lack of us trying.  Erin was sitting on the retaining wall above the nest ledge and we didn’t have a sight on the male.  She took off after a few minutes and we decided to get a slice of pizza.  Looking out the window as we ate, in flies the male!  Gulp goes the food and we grab our gear for a look.  He drops down into what Linda told me is called “the shoulder” on the northeast corner of the building and emerges a good half hour later all messy.  He had obviously stashed lunch up there.  He sat for some time, even through a quick snowfall that he didn’t like, before taking off to go visit his lady.  She was on the Dundee building digesting her own large crop.  He came back and landed on the top of 20 Toronto St. where I was able to get the scope on him.  In the failing light, I was only able to get one positive look as he took off.  This male has a solid black Canadian band on his right leg.  We’ll be back to try again on a nice sunny day to try and definatively identify the mate of Erin.

The man of mystery relaxes after a quick snack.