Holcim Pair Hanging Tight

January 29, 2012 - Mississauga - Holcim

Tracy Simpson Reports:

After the weekend we had last weekend, we decided to try our luck again with the Holcim pair.  When we arrived, the female was on one of the buildings right in the centre of the property.  Within a couple of minutes, the starlings that were lounging along the east side took to the air and we looked for a potential culprit.  Next thing we see is the male perched above the female in the same area of the plant.  After a few fairly good looks, I can say for sure that he is a Canadian born and bred boy as his solid black band was clearly visible.  We went down to a local park to check out some of the offshore wildlife, figuring that the pair might move in our absence.  By the time we returned, they were still sitting in the same spot as we left them looking like a pair of gargoyles.