!!! Quickly Update on the Toronto Downtown 18 King Street Nest site -


Mark Nash Reports:

May 2022
Toronto Downtown King Street Nest Site:

Over the past several weeks we have been monitoring the downtown Toronto 18 King Street nest as there has been a lot of activity with two territorial adult peregrines spending a lot of time on and off the upper ledges on the east elevations (in particular, on the old nest ledge) of the building.
With that said, despite all of our efforts and time spent in the streets in April and early May trying to get a better understanding of the peregrine’s activities, (and to identify them), it would still appear that there is no incubation happening. Sadly, we have not been able to identify the territorial adults that are active on this site.
We will continue to monitor the site when we can and endeavor to try and identify who the resident adults are …. But any assistance is most welcomed!

If you are down in the area and have use of a spotting scope, a camera, or if you have a good pair of binoculars and can help us identify the territorial peregrines that are hanging around the nest site,, we would love to know and give everyone an update… Please send us an e-mail (or a photo if you get one of a leg band number)..
Stay tuned…..