What a night with the Fab Four!!

July 02, 2022 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:
Sally reports:
We spotted what we were sure to be four juvies, fairly close together. Sally noticed crows flying over Thales and watched them for a while, noticing similar behaviour (fledglings playing and chasing parents). Well, soon one of our fab four was flying fast, towards them! A lound CAW! CAW! CAW! could be heard. After watching the fledgling fly to the crows, pull up and fly away then back again, the other three were flying over to Thales to join in! There was quite a bit of aerial acrobatics before we lost sight of them all behind Bayview Glen school and the blue glass building along Valleybrook drive. The crows never did return that day! Perhaps Quest intervened?
After not seeing anyone come back over to Duncan Mill we drove to check the back of Thales (found a parent on a ledge, looking sort of south west). We decided to check out the back of the buildings on Valleybrook and heard one of the roof. Appeared to be eating. Quest was on a roof corner next door. Soon she was harassed and flew off, and as we followed her direction we noticed a fledgling on the leafless limb of a tree. Soon he was joined by a couple of his siblings. After a while, only Yeager remained and his brothers were off over to Thales (he eventually followed). Great flights after this! Wonderful to see..
Wow. Beautiful to see. Sally took some videos (she’s younger with steadier hands lol). Then they headed back to the copper and 240 buildings… But not for long. Bedtime was on the Thales building… We had 3 there for sure but it was too dark to know. But we had all four so know they were there… What a great night!!
Pictures and videos thanks to Sally!