Spot checks June 17/18

June 18, 2022 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

POT CHECK DON MILLS : I checked on the fab four last night after all the winds and all 4 were accounted for!  I could only positively ID Nitro but definitely saw all four. The wind was unreal, I could hardly get a picture lol. Glad they were all good. I did a very quick check this afternoon and only saw 2 juvies and Quest and Mystery.  I went this evening hoping to enjoy some flying but there was a bunch of kids partying there so I just stayed in my car and checked. I only positively ID’d Zigzag. First he was on roof of the nest building but the noise from the party sent him off.  I next saw him being chased by one of his brothers to the back of 225, he safely landed on a ledge. But not for long,  off he went. Both parents were on the nest ledge. Dad took off with a juvie chasing. Then I saw another flying low past the copper building going north. Next Zigzag was back around and chose to land on the top ledge back of 225. Next I saw 2 juvies over the parking lot next to the nest building, and one was doing a dive, and then Quest was off like a shot(to intercept?) and next thing I saw was the 2 juvies chasing mom out of sight. Wish I could have seen more but I wasn’t comfortable staying there by myself. Still quite windy but they seem to be handling it well. Hope to see all 4 tomorrow!