Great night with the fab four!!

June 14, 2022 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:
Sally and I went to watch the fab four June 14th in the evening….and boy did we have fun! We drove up and spotted 3 immediately and when I went to park the car found #4!!  Great. They all were facing in so it took a bit to ID.  As #4 was the lowest, though still on top ledge of the nest building, we guessed that it was Nitro(yep).  Zigzag was on the copper building on an outside ledge.  Ace was on top of 225 and Yeager was on the upper roof of the nest building. Dad was on his covered corner even!  Only mom was missing so we were waiting for her to bring were the juvies lol! All was quiet for a bit-Sally’s friend joined us and enjoyed seeing everyone and she got a great show.  Then Ace was off flying west, Yeager a minute later then Zigzag and Dad lol. Yep Nitro stayed behind. In a short time we heard the cries and here came Mom with a big bird, Ace on her tail and Yeager behind him.  Ace did a flip and an exchange was done!!  It was right over our heads–so cool-well done Ace!  Now it was a pigeon so Ace lost altitude fast, as Sally said he discovered that flying with a pigeon is like joining a high level gym class lol.  They were out of our sight but we ran-by the time we cleared the nest building, they were out of sight but Dad flew by and around. so we kept going and found Mom on the light standard on the west side of the nest building.  Now either Ace dropped it or he was on the ground…yep I walked a little further and there he was in the parking lot, with Mom looking down on him.  Dad was watching from across the street.  He went at that prize I’m telling you lol.  Now I have seen this before so I wasn’t worried. Nitro ledge hopped all the way around until he was right above Mom and Ace.  Zigzag  flew to 220 and was just below Nitro.  Yeager was beside himself, he tried to fly to the light standard above Ace but missed, flew to the top of a tree, on a tiny branch, that didn’t work so then tried to land on the hydro pole one of the juvies from last year used.  He just touched off that and then flew around and ended up on the hydro pole right at the cross walk near Sally!! Whew.  There he stayed and watched. I stayed watching and taking pictures, watching him from the west and Sally took up a little ways to the east.  She stopped a very nice man with his 2 dogs(Dad was alarm calling, getting louder as they got closer), advised him of what was going on and he wisely crossed the street and headed back the way he came.  Mom finally came down and very carefully walked up to Ace-he wasn’t giving it up yet.  She took some and they both ate, right on the ground!! Then Mom finally took it from him and beak fed him.  The brothers really ramped it up.  Nitro flew off and around 225 and ended up on the first level of 240, where he stayed for the night. Mom finally took the food, Ace jumped onto the railing and Mom took off with it, low over the parking lot, out over the street and the parking lot across the street, gaining altitude and then flew up down past 225 and then around 220 out of sight and had Yeager on her tail in hot pursuit!  Ace took off low, right straight below the first level of 220 gaining altitude as he rounded the corner.  We found him on the 1st level of 240. When Mom finished feeding Yeager, she went to the roof of 220 and Ace joined her there and got some more food.  In the meantime, Zigzag flew off around and ended up high on the window ledge of 225(where he spent his first night of flying!) and  remained there for the night.  Yeager popped up on 240 and flew to join Zigzag for a short bit..landed pretty good beside him lol.  But he didn’t stay long, flying over to say hi to Ace but ended up on another ledge of 225, where he stayed for the night.  And Ace remained on the roof of 220.

As Sally said.  Wow Ace!  We hope we get some lovely flights for a little while, before Quest takes them away to wherever summer school is for her offspring!  Thanks to Sally for her cliff notes!!
I know this is long but it just was so amazing to watch and so much fun!!
I stopped by tonight and found all four together on 225…Ace and Yeager on the tiptop and Zigzag with Nitro, who was lying down at first, on the lower roof. Watched a few flights and then headed home.  All are doing Sally said, hoping to see some more great flights before they head off!