First spot check on the fab four!!

June 13, 2022 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:
SPOT CHECK…DON MILLS :  Spent a couple of hours watching the fab four this morning…Nitro was on the nest building roof! Everyone accounted for…and I then enjoyed a great show from the Ace,  Yeager and Zigzag! Ace saw Dad on his favorite railing on the copper building, and being hangry,  flew over and chased him off lol, and landed quit e nicely on the railing! He spent some time checking that out . He flew back to the nest building.  Mom flew onto the copper building so Zigzag decided to go complain to her about the lack of food! Yeager joined in lol. Then Ace buzzed mom and then flew north heading for the forest! Mom was off like a shot! She headed him off and then a chase/play ensued…it was great. Tho Nitro did get one touch in( your mother!!) But Quest just stayed ahead of him just enough…if he got too close, she kicked it up just enough to stay out of his reach but not enough to exhaust him. It was so fun ! Things quieted down(it was siesta time after all) .
Arrived to find all 4 boys together on the upper roof of 220!! Eventually all left one at a time. Nitro to follow Zigzag to the top of 225 but missed, touching the window, recovering then landing on 240 2nd from the top. Zigzag followed and landed one level above Nitro.  Ace joined Zigzag,  then Yeager flew from 225 to rooftop above his brothers.  He then tried to fly back to nest building,  tried grabbing the flashing  ,slipping and headed back to land practically on top of Ace lol!! And that is where they were when I left for the night! All safe and high.
Lots of fun..can’t wait to see what they are up to tomorrow!