Congrats to Holden & Nagata!!

May 19, 2022 - Toronto - Don Mills and Eglinton - Amexon

Cathy Kerr Reports:

Good news at DON MILLS/AMEXON: We have a hatch!! Congrats to Holden and Nagata! Thanks to my son for coming up with me to check for a hatch…egg shell still there so very newly hatched!  I am hoping that I am right in seeing a small pip in the other egg. Won’t be going up again to check until banding…parents quite upset(rightly so) with our presence- walking to the car with our hard hats brought both out and circled over us, ushering us to our car lol. Good parents. As the banding is the only other time we’ll see them until they are ready to fledge(they are high and hidden), hope you enjoy the pics I quickly took of this little cutie