Banding Day at Mississauga MEC May 17th 2022

May 18, 2022 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Thanks to Colliers International property management for again hosting the banding and for Sky Reach Window Washing for getting Mark Nash from CPF up to the nest to extract the chicks.

2 of the 4 eggs hatched and 2 boys banded.

Extracting the chicks went very well but just as she has done in the past Erin did not leave the nest and stood her ground. She was calm the entire time but as Mark Nash who went up on the swing stage to collect the chicks said if looks could kill. Erin struck out with her talons each time he grabbed a chick and on the last strike her talons poked through the glove and gave him something to remember her by.

The first chick banded weighed in at 590 grams at 21 days old band number C over 25 with blue tape he was named Mohamed the second another male weighed 535 grams band number C over 27 with Blue tape and named Ishaq.

I would also like to thank Security and maintenance staff who the chicks were named after and who have over the years have kept a close eye on the fledglings and helped us locate missing fledglings, conduct rescues and get us up to the roof to release then for a second chance. Without their help survival rates would be much lower.