June 20th

June 27, 2022 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Sorry for the late post have been out of the office. Here is a report from Winston for the Mississauga MEC Nest site.
Whatever concerns I had with Red are over. Last night I saw him make a good long flight with his brother. They chased one another and Red even stooped Blue. Considering how advanced Blue is, if Red can keep up, he’s fine. Add to that his successful and controlled landings, there is no danger that we can help him avoid now. Both boys are good to go. I would be a little concerned about one getting hit by a car. Yesterday they were diving at birds near the go cart track. I witnessed how low one came and although not low enough to get hit by a double-decker bus, it was an aborted dive.
Here are some pictures. The one on the Morguard railing looks like a potbelly giant peregrine but it is both boys together.
Mark, you like Alula pictures so I have a bad one attached of who I believe is Midnight. Renegade is the one with food.
Blue is the one with his wings tucked in, ready to be mummified by an ancient Egyptian.

Mohammed released June 7th 2022

June 07, 2022 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Mark released Mohammed again tonight on the roof top of Mississauga MEC #1 no problems he is just fine. Hopefully he joins his brother Ishaq tomorrow on MEC #3 where Tracy had released him yesterday night and where he stayed today.

Ishaq found

June 07, 2022 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Bruce reports that Ishaq has shown himself and is still on the roof of MEC #3 where he was released last night. He is also being feed by adult.

Mississauga MEC June 7th AM

June 07, 2022 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Bruce found Mohammed on ground at the bast of MEC 2 and is now in carrier waiting on release still looking for Ishaq who was released last night. Looks like we will be making another trip to Mississauga tonight to release one perhaps both boys.

Mississauga MEC fledge update June 6th 2022.

June 06, 2022 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Ishaq came to ground for the 3rd time in as many days he was picked up by security this morning before Bruce got there. Bruce had a look at him when he arrived and transferred him to his carrier to rest and wait for release this evening. Tracy will be taking him back to the roof tonight and Bruce will check in on him tomorrow.
Mohammed if still flying well and keeping up high so he is a check mark.
Here is hoping Ishaq becomes more coordinated on his next attempts and stays off the ground.

!!! June 3rd MEC update.

June 03, 2022 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Both boys on the move.

Ishaq did a lot of flapping and flying across the top ledge of MEC #1. At about 8:45 he took a flight off the roof but in attempt to hook back to the building lost altitude and grabbed the window ledge on the 6th floor for a couple minutes then tried again and lost more altitude. Bruce believes he landed in the tree at the front of the building. He has been looking for him but the trees are so thick with leaves he has not seen him but the adults seem to be watching there as well.

Mohammed also flew off the roof top last evening and landed on the nest level ledge 4 ledges away from the nest, he then ledge hopped back to the nest and was fed.
Hopefully a couple more days and they will gain altitude and with luck keep high.

Update from Mississauga MEC June 2nd 2022.

June 02, 2022 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

just before 6PM Bruce saw Mohammed Blue tape ledge hopping as they always do at this site, however he missed stepped and slipped off the ledge. Bruce said he came down somewhere in the valley and was off to find him. It turned out he came down on the path on the west side of the creek. Bruce was able to catch him up and in the carrier he went to wait for Mark to come out to check him and get him back up to the roof. At 10 PM Mark released him as he was just fine and ready to get out of the carrier. He was placed back on the roof of MEC #1 safe and sound. Hopefully both boys will have a better and planned flight next time.

MEC Report June 1st - 2022 First fledge of 2022

June 02, 2022 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Mark Nash Reports:

Male fledgling, Black banded C over 25, Red Tape, Named Ishaq

Well folks, it never fails at this time of year,, just when you think that things can’t get more hectic, with the car loaded with all of the banding equipment and the CPF enclosed trailer hitched up to the car, wall to wall stop and go traffic on Hwy #401 and construction and road delays, and an hour from Toronto on route to the Kitchener banding, the call comes in with a report of a fledgling down on the ground at the MEC nest site! Panic! Bruce calls with the report from MEC security to let him know that one of the young falcon hatchlings has come down to the ground in front of MEC#1, on the roadway right out front of their main entrance! Quick action from the MEC security staff and a contractor that happened to be there had them rush to the fledglings rescue and managed to corral the young fledgling into a cardboard box and get him to the fire room inside of the building for safekeeping until Bruce was able to attend to assess the young falcon’s condition.

While we knew that the fledge was going to start very soon, it caught us all off guard. Bruce was in Oshawa and more than an hour from Mississauga,, and we were more than an hour outside of Toronto heading to Kitchener!! Fortunately Bruce was able to get to MEC that allowed us to continue on our way to Kitchener.

It’s always the way things seem to go at this time of year,,, especially when we are still on the road in banding mode and the earlier banded chicks are starting to fledge!!! So, Expect the unexpected, prepare for the worst, and cross your fingers that someone is available that can get to the downed fledgling to do a rescue before the cars, raccoons, foxes, buses, and other terrible things get to them first!

A very good news report this time, the good guys got to the grounded fledgling first! A HUGE THANK YOU to the MEC security staff for their quick action and response to get the fledgling out of harm’s way and safekeeping until we were able to get there to the examination and release. And the closing news, we dropped into the MEC after the Kitchener banding and examined the fledgling again before his release, and all was well. One very energetic,, very feisty peed-off fledgling in very good condition despite his ordeal.

Deemed cleared for take-off after a detailed examination, he was successfully released to the rooftop of the nest building and returned back to his parent’s care!

With that said, I should add that both of his parents were already waiting on the rooftop as I popped up through the roof hatch,, and I must say that neither of them had any kind words for me!! LOL The resident adult female went into attack mode almost immediately and I was bonked on the head twice while trying to get little Ishaq out of the rescue carrier! Thank goodness for HARD HATS!!!! She continued to stoop, scream and dive at me as I very quickly scurried back across the rooftop to the roof hatch and finally got back inside the building out of her sight!

Never the less, despite the hectic day, a very good day all around, with the successful banding at the Kitchener nest site, (no rain, lightning and thunder showers that was predicted), and a successful rescue and release at MEC!

A long 14 hour day for sure,, but its peregrine season don’t you know!
This is just the way it is at this time of year for us all. Wildlife doesn’t take holidays off, and neither do we!

Video of Mississauga MEC banding Day

May 18, 2022 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Copy to you browser produced by Joe Tavares×3XMthc

Banding Day at Mississauga MEC May 17th 2022

May 18, 2022 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Thanks to Colliers International property management for again hosting the banding and for Sky Reach Window Washing for getting Mark Nash from CPF up to the nest to extract the chicks.

2 of the 4 eggs hatched and 2 boys banded.

Extracting the chicks went very well but just as she has done in the past Erin did not leave the nest and stood her ground. She was calm the entire time but as Mark Nash who went up on the swing stage to collect the chicks said if looks could kill. Erin struck out with her talons each time he grabbed a chick and on the last strike her talons poked through the glove and gave him something to remember her by.

The first chick banded weighed in at 590 grams at 21 days old band number C over 25 with blue tape he was named Mohamed the second another male weighed 535 grams band number C over 27 with Blue tape and named Ishaq.

I would also like to thank Security and maintenance staff who the chicks were named after and who have over the years have kept a close eye on the fledglings and helped us locate missing fledglings, conduct rescues and get us up to the roof to release then for a second chance. Without their help survival rates would be much lower.