4 Boys for Quest & Mystery!!!

May 26, 2022 - Toronto - Don Mills

Cathy Kerr Reports:

It’s 4 boys for Quest and Mystery!!  Great banding day today, everything went smoothly. John did his usual great job of rappelling down and scooping up the kids while Quest and Mystery kicked up a storm! But they left him alone this year,  glaring at him from across the street.  The kids were brought into the lovely electrical room to be checked out and blinged up by Mark and Eve from the Ministry.  Marion took pictures from outside (she’ll be adding her pictures to this post) and Mark (Nash) coordinated everything beautifully.  Thanks to building management and security for allowing us use their building once again and for their usual great support! Details as follows:

1st male, 695 g, C/31, red tape  , Yeager
2nd male, 655 g, C/32, blue tape, Nitro
3rd male, 685 g, C/33, green tape, Ace
4th male, 640 g, C/34, yellow tape, Zigzag
All names were submitted by the building management!
It’s going to be a wild ride with 4 boys!! Fledge watch starts June 9th!!