Update on Manuela from Bruce at Mississauga MEC

June 12, 2021 - Mississauga - Executive Centre

Bruce Massey Reports:

She was a little Rocky at first. Fledged Wednesday in AM, didn’t see her at all. Winston got a sense that she was in the Trees @ Robert Speck Parkway & Shipp. Of course you know about Thursday with her being down on ground around 0700 Hrs. I found her having lunch with Midnight around Noon on the Mezzanine Level of CIBC.That Evening she made a couple of Flights, but spent night low somewhere in Vicinity of the Nest Building. On Friday, I found her on the W side of CIBC @ Mezzanine Level. I finally got to see her fly for the first time, and accompanied by Midnight, ended up again on the East Side of the CIBC Building. Around 6:00 PM, she flew up to another level rooftop of the Acenture Building. I was relieved by Winston. She spent the night on the “Twisted Sister’s” 2 1st Floor Balcony.
I found on rooftop level of the Morguard Building 13 floors up. Midnight has made a couple of passes, so she knows where she is.