!!! Linn is still very much on site,, and still very much in charge!!! Sadly, only one egg :-(

May 10, 2019 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Mark Nash Reports:

May 10th 2019
Well, I have some both good news and some bad news to report today after visiting the Scarborough nest site this afternoon.

First the good news,, I met an old friend again this afternoon at the Scarborough nest site, and was greeted by Linn, the long standing resident adult female, hatched in Rochester NY at the old Kodak nest site, banded Black 91 over Green V.

After a very brief re-introduction and with the resident adult male stooping and diving only inches from my head,, Linn joined him as she came up from the nest ledge and quickly landed on the upper retaining wall ledge. Without missing a wing-beat, she quickly ran down the ledge towards me,, (or should I say at me) in an effort to shew me away,, at it worked!!

It only took a second for me to realize that she meant serious business and was not in the mood to entertain houseguests and I managed to get out of her way as she was only inches away from my face!! Linn is a no-nonsense full body contact gal!!

I was able to snap a single photo of the nest nedge, and saw only one egg, (that the adult male was incubating at the time).

The not so good news, is ofcourse only one egg was present. It might appear that the unusual (un-seasonal cold damp rainy spring has taken its toll on a number of southern Ontario nest sites this year),, with little to no production of eggs and failed nest sites altogether that we have been recording so far this spring.

Unfortunately, I was not able to identify the resident adult male, as he never stopped stooping at me the entire visit, and with Linn on the pursuit, I wasn’t hanging around!!

Enjoy the photos, the best I could do under the circumstance……… DUCK!!! and I don’t mean quack quack!!