!!! Banding day and a surprise

June 13, 2016 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Marion Nash Reports:

It turns out that there are 3 chicks not 2. There was 1 boy and 2 girls all healthy and good weights

Mark Heaton from the OMNRF banded the chicks with assistance from colleagues Scott and Craig and CPF volunteer Kathy Smith. This years chick extractor was CPF volunteer climber John Miler.

Canadian Wildlife Services did blood sampling on all 3 chicks as part of a toxicology study of fire retardants in our environment.

Male named Kojis 650 grams band Y over 29 with blue tape
Female named Lorraine 890 grams band S over 63 with red tape
Female named Velcro 845 grams band S over 64 with white tape

Thanks to Paul and Louis from Petra for putting this together for us and getting us access to the roof to collect the chicks.

Fledge watch should start in about 10 days stay tuned to follow the progress of the little ones.

Photos courtesy Ann Brokelman and Mark Nash