!!! CPF at Ottawa Sportsmans Show

February 27, 2012 - CPF Events

Frank Butson Reports:

From Feb 23-26th CPF staff, volunteers and most importantly our feathered educators enjoyed their first Ottawa Sportsmans Show. The folks of Ottawa were very generous and loved our birds of prey exhibit. Many show-goers enjoyed their first up-close and personal visit with Alexandra the Great..Horned Owl, Seamus the Barn Owl(a real hit with everyone), Kyla our wee sweet American Kestrel, 2 of our beautiful Peregrine Falcons, Oscar and Nova and making his show debut was our Redtailed Hawk, Tomahawk(Tom-A-Hawk) or Tommy for short.  The birds loved the attention they got and all of the new friends they made in Ottawa. Thousands of attendees admired and learned about each birds unique traits, conservation efforts and many relayed stories to us. It was a great show and we hope to be back again same time next year!

CPF Booth Our Display Tomahawk Seamus and Kathy Alexandra and Bruce Kyla American Kestrel Alexandra-Great Horned Owl Peregrine Posing Pretty BF and PF