!!! Banding Day. 3 healthy hatchlings!!

June 01, 2011 - Etobicoke - William Osler

CPF Postmaster Reports:

A great day indeed! With a huge thank you to the great folks at the Etobicoke general Hospital - William Osler hospital and the Ministry of Natural Resources, the banding went like clock work.
Three very healthy and fiesta hatchlings were banded to day in front of hospital staff.

With Hurricane (the resident adult male - produced at the Toronto Sheraton Hotel nest site in 2004 - banded Black 5 over Black x)), and his mate - (now finally identified by her Black M over Green 87 leg band,, as being named O’Conner, a 2007 Ohio produced peregrine) were both on hand to voice their opinion, the three young hatchlings were weighed in, sexed, banded, and named.

The first hatchling weighed in at 800 grams, (full crop) - sexed as a Female, at 23 days old, banded with a Black 26 over Black X and named Wind,, with Red Tape

The second hatchling weighed in at 625 grams, (full crop weight), - sexed as a Male, at 23 days old, banded with a Black 92 over Black Y at 23 days old, and named Storm,, with Yellow Tape

The third hatchling weighed in at 855 grams, - (full crop weight), - sexed as a Female, at 24 days old, banded with a Black 48 over a Black X, and named Rain, with White tape.

One un-hatched egg was recovered.