!!! 3 Hatchlings confirmed!

June 04, 2011 - Scarborough - Yellow Pages

Mark Nash Reports:

A quick visit today during a short break in the rain paid off. With a very quiet approach once we got to the roof, also paid off. Just as we arrived at the nest ledge, the clouds moved away and the sun appeared and lit up the entire building. We got really lucky indeed and the photos say it all!

Our approach was so quiet and with the sun at our backs, I managed to capture a few shots of Linn and her 3 new family members before she caught wind me. From that point onwards, our visit got progressively more interesting and intense!
It only took Linn but a second to take flight from the corner of the nest ledge where she was sunny herself with her three new hatchlings, and from that point onwards, both Paul and I spend the entire time scrambling and ducking to get to the access door and and to the safety of the concrete walls.

Linn is most certainly a Mariah offspring!! I have felt the wrath of Mariah during my visits to Rochester NY while I was atop of the Kodak tower with the DEC when we satellite tagging, and I can tell you that Linn is a full contact body hitting peregrine, just like her mother!!! Fierce and feisty! No pain, no gain type of gal!

We were asked to leave the roof area by Linn, and we obliged her,,, VERY QUICKLY!!