!!! On a “Quest” for a Most Incredible Romance!!

April 12, 2011 - Toronto - Don Mills

Tracy Simpson Reports:

The CPF head office received a phone call today from a woman in an office building at 225 Duncan Mills Road in East York about a pair of peregrine falcons occupying the building across from her on the uppermost ledge.  Her description of the female was an odd one that had us all buzzing in the office…   …she has an antenna on her back!!  After checking her travel diary…   …oh boy its Quest!!!!  For the last 5 days, she has been hanging around this particular building and has herself a handsome male suitor.  Her presence at the site was brought to our attention by Donna Hayes, CEO of Harlequin Enterprises, and we do indeed have a Peregrine romance in the making!  Bruce Massey, one of our longest standing volunteers, was immediately dispatched to confirm her band number and determine which ledge they were interested in. It is without a doubt Quest.   There are no eggs as of yet but it is our hope that they are not long off.  While there, Bruce was able to note in and out ledge visits by the pair and lots of communication between the two.  Donna Hayes graciously allowed Bruce access to the office directly across from the nest ledge to confirm band numbers and sent us the first picture of the mother to hopefully-be sleepily sunning herself off and on throughout the afternoon.  We will be watching very closely to see if Quest indeed lays eggs and raises her family here in Toronto.  It would be quite an honor to host a such a magnificent female and be a part of the living legacy.