Lakeridge Health Oshawa Banding Day May 31st 2022.

May 31, 2022 - Oshawa - Lakeridge Hospital

Marion Nash Reports:

2 female and 1 male babies hatched and banded. Having a webcam makes it easy to plan banding date and thanks to Don Baron checking on the monitor we got the hatch date and another successful banding.
We are working on getting this webcam up on our website hopefully next spring you will have another peregrine family to watch.
the chicks were all healthy and so far we have not seen any evidence of avian flu in any of the chicks. Here is the banding information.
835 grams female band number 18 over AB with Yellow tape on silver band named Jessie
585 grams male band number C over 36 with Blue tape on silver band
760 grams female band number 19 over AB with Red tape on silver band.
Thank you to the staff and management of Lakeridge Hospital for their support.

Upcoming Bandings of the Peregrine Chicks

May 16, 2022 - Oshawa - Lakeridge Hospital

Marion Nash Reports:

Mississauga MEC May 17th 11:00.
Canada Square May 17th 2:30.
Etobicoke Private Residence May 24th 10:30.
Bloor Islington Place Etobicoke May 24th 2:30.
Port Colborne May 25th 10:30 AM
220 Duncan Mill Rd. May 26th 10:30.
Hamilton Sheraton May 27 11:00 AM
St Marys Cement St Marys Ont May 30th 1:00 Pending
Lake Ridge Health Oshawa May 31st 1:00 PM.
Kitchener CTV tower June 1st 1:00 PM

Waiting on hatch reports for
150 Ferrand Dr. Don Mills and Eglinton.
Yellow Pages Scarborough
Toronto Downtown Sheraton
Beachville quarry
Windsor Ambassador Bridge

!!! Lakeridge Health Oshawa Banding Day May 4th, 2021

June 05, 2021 - Oshawa - Lakeridge Hospital

Marion Nash Reports:

Only 1 chick a male at 680 grams this year. There were 2 eggs laid but only one hatch the other egg was missing likely It was infertile and disposed of by Mom. The Boy was named Colonel Sam.

We were shuttled in by Don Baron and 2 of his electrical engineers through service areas along many corridors, elevators, up a flight of stairs, and down other stairs to avoid patient’s wards. I am so glad we had them to guide of or we would have gotten hopelessly lost lol.

Alfrieda the adult female who was hatched in Buffalo in 2016 was there defending the nest and chick the entire time while dad was spotted soaring high but did not come down to see what was happening.

Eva Bobak from the OMNRF extracted the chick from the back of the nest box while Mark Nash from CPF distracted Alfrieda at the front of the box.

The chick was brought in through the access hatch to the mechanical room where Mark Heaton and Eva Bobak weighed, banded, and checked Sam’s health.

All went well and Colonel Sam is a very healthy chick. Of about 27 days old.

As you can see Lucie took some photos from outside looking up at the nest as well. She spoke to many people watching the extraction from outside who were very interested and wanted more information about Oshawa’s falcons.

Thanks to Don and his staff, Mark Heaton and Eva Bobak, and Lucie Kirchknoph we have yet another successful banding day.



!!! 2 eggs of 4 hatched at Oshawa Lakeridge Hospital

May 13, 2020 - Oshawa - Lakeridge Hospital

Marion Nash Reports:

Looks like the chicks are about a week old. due to the pandemic this is the first chance staff have had to check the nest camera image to look for eggs or hatches. We so much appreciate the staff at Lakeridge not only for their falcon support and this report but also for being there on the front line fighting to save lives our thanks go out to everyone at Lakeridge!

As mentioned earlier due to COVID-19 we will not be banding chicks at any of the hospital sites or any site where swing stage access is needed and safe distance can’t be maintained but we are on call to rescue chicks and will be checking on the chicks and conducting fledge watches to the best of our ability.

Sad News

October 19, 2019 - Oshawa - Lakeridge Hospital

Marion Nash Reports:

Hi Marion,

Unfortunately, we’ve been informed that Clifton did not survive the surgery on Friday. Below is the message from Shades of Hope.

We were hoping for a better outcome.

On a positive side, our brief interaction with the rescue and care of Clifton has raised our awareness about peregrine falcons, along with many family and friends.

We wish you continued success with the Canadian Peregrine program.


Update on Clifton

October 15, 2019 - Oshawa - Lakeridge Hospital

Marion Nash Reports:

Hi Marion,

I’ve received a preliminary update from Shades of Hope. The falcon has a serious Radius/Ulnar fracture that will require surgical pinning. It is still too early to decide if the falcon will survive surgery.
They will provide updates by email.

I’ll let you know if I hear any further info.


Sad news about Oshawa Lakeridge Hospital’s Clifton!

October 14, 2019 - Oshawa - Lakeridge Hospital

Marion Nash Reports:


Just letting you know about an injured Peregrine that I found on Monday around 16:30. The falcon has been transported to Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge.
It was found in the area of Winchester Road and Simcoe Road in North Oshawa.
With kind regards,

I will be contacting Shades tomorrow to see how he is and will update this post as soon as I have further information.
Marion Nash

2 boys and a girl for Oshawa

May 31, 2019 - Oshawa - Lakeridge Hospital

Marion Nash Reports:

May 30th 2019

Banding day was a success and Lakeridge has 3 healthy chicks. We would like to thank the staff and management for making the banding possible and the support of Oshawa’s peregrine family.

Male named Clifton banded C over 55
Male named Gunner banded C over 56
Female named Fiona banded 81 over X

The chicks are 24 days old and should be fledging within the next 2 weeks.

Banding day booked

May 19, 2019 - Oshawa - Lakeridge Hospital

Marion Nash Reports:

Oshawa’s baby falcons will be banded on May 30th. we will be posting photos and names shortly after so stay tuned.

3 hatched

May 08, 2019 - Oshawa - Lakeridge Hospital

Marion Nash Reports:

As of May 8th 3 of 4 eggs have hatched. and banding has been set for May 30th at 10:00 stay tuned for photos and further updates.