April 16, 2024 - Brampton - Courthouse

Cathy Kerr Reports:
BRAMPTON UPDATE :  Toivo reports :
Brampton has a soap opera going on.  Mid March I thought there may be eggs down, then both Falcons were visible away from the ledge. Last week I saw mating 5 times and have now confirmed that it is a different Male , a banded bird and darker back and different facial patterns from  the last  pic I posted who was un banded.  We also have a large dark female hanging out 5K away on a bldg in Downtown Brampton. They can see each other and Thurs at dusk I saw a 20 min air battle downtown, a male attacking that female.
This picture is the new banded male on the courthouse and currently  only  seeing the female briefly again. I suspect and hope we may have eggs down on the Courthouse.
Thanks Toivo - lots of changes going on there!