June 25th New Peregrine Nest at CNE BMO Field

June 30, 2023 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

On Monday we were called to be informed that there was a new peregrine nest at BMO Field. and this photo was sent of one of the chicks that has already fledged. Bruce went out to see the site and try to determine where they are nesting. He was able to find what he believed to be the nest and has confirmed at least 3 chicks. It is in a very difficult spot to access for banding and may be one of those sites that is impossible to do bandings unless a chicks comes down. He did see at least one adult but was not able to see the band because of the position of the bird. Hopefully when all the fledge watches are done we can go and have another look and perhaps get band numbers on the adults.