Updates Etobicoke Private Residence chicks fledging

June 13, 2022 - Greater Toronto - Private Residential 1

Marion Nash Reports:

Sunday update
I just wanted to report that we had our first fledge this afternoon. Our one male, Braveheart, successfully left his ledge and flew to one of the balconies on the west side of the 288 building. He’s a good, strong flyer although seems a little confused as to where to fly to. Mom, Aria, was circling above him and giving direction and he eventually flew to 2 other balconies before heading to the east side of the building where he is now. He has been sitting on this balcony for a few hours and I’m a little concerned for the night.
Hope he’s ok.
3 more to go. It will be a busy few days.

Barb Blair

Monday update
Good Morning, Everyone!

Lots of exciting news already this morning.
Barb and Alex witnessed Duchess fly off the nest this morning, flew around the trees behind 288 and then back to the nest.

BUT…..we can’t find Braveheart anywhere this morning
Had flown off the balcony on 296 late yesterday afternoon and landed on a front balcony on 288 where he was still around 9:00 PM last night.
So please have an eye…….

In the meantime, Duchess is back on the ledge and Victoria and Diana are busy flapping their wings.
Maybe they will fly today too???????