Latest report from Hamilton Nest and a picture of one of the chicks snoozing on the nest ledge

June 28, 2022 - Hamilton - Sheraton Hotel

Marion Nash Reports:

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Monday, June 27, 2022 - Falconwatch Coordinator Marzuk Gazi reports: For most of the morning, the chicks were seen on the roof of the BDC building, as well as Fairclough, Stelco tower and Standard Life, spending very little time on the Sheraton. An adult landed on the nest ledge at 6:54, and a chick landed on the next ledge over. Within seconds, they both took off again (photo). The chicks were seen flying impressively during the morning and afternoon, two of them often practicing their talon touching and playing tag with each other in the sky, while a third lagged behind. By 1:55, all of the chicks had been spotted, three on the north facing edge of the BDC roof and the last one still on Homewood. There were a couple of feedings, with one at 3:10 on the east side of the roof of Standard Life in which Mckeever was seen helping her chick eat and then finishing the scraps herself.

The impressive flights from the chicks did not stop. They were seen spending a long time in the air, sometimes circling above downtown, and other times chasing each other closely and continuing to practice their talon touching. A chick, thought to be Auchmar, spent most of the evening on the Northeast corner of the Standard Life building, not joining in with most of the flights. By 7:00 the chicks had all moved over to Standard Life. At 8:30, two chicks took off, and landed atop the crane being used on the construction site to the southwest of Standard Life. They then flew off to BDC. At the end of our watch for the day, all four chicks were on BDC, with a parent watching over them from the Southwest corner of the Fairclough roof