Banding Day for Indie and Aria’s chicks May 24th 2022.

May 25, 2022 - Greater Toronto - Private Residential 1

Marion Nash Reports:

Some photos from Martin Dekkers of the extraction, banding and some from Mark Nash of banding and on the roof prepping for the drop to the nest..

4 chicks hatched and banded 3 girls one boy. All healthy and good weights.

Female 885 grams band 09 over AB with Re tape on US band named Dutches.
Female 900 grams band 10 over AB with yellow tape on US band named Victoria.
Female 820 grams band 14 over AB with Green tape on US band named Diana.
Male 625 grams band C over 30 with Blue tape on US band named Braveheart.

added message
Thanks to all the people that came out to view the event.
Big thanks to the Peregrine Falcon Foundation folks who came out.
Their informative description of what was happening was most helpful.
All pictures will be added to our 2022 Photo Album that will
be posted on Building Link at the completion of our 2022 event.
Thanks to Maggie Pawlak for her picture contribution.
Marlene Cater and Martin Dekkers