Update from Beachville

June 09, 2021 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

Chris Martin reports from Beachville that one of his staff just located a peregrine hatchling on the roof top of one of the buildings in the middle of the plant! He also reports that he saw one of the resident adults (a banded adult) but was unable to get the band number. It is obvious that the Beachville nest site is still in fact very active and has produced this season, but sadly the resident pair did not use the nest box this year??
Unfortunately , given the advanced age of the hatchling and its mobility, and the fact that we simply can’t scramble fast enough with our current man power shortages with all of the ongoing fledge watches, we will not be able to band this hatchling this season.
But the good news,, the Beachville site is still active and productive! Time will tell as we will endeavour to identify the adults on site,,,,, stay tuned…..