Banding day at St. Marys Cement Plant, St Marys Ontario June 1, 2021

June 02, 2021 - International, National and Local News

Marion Nash Reports:

Very healthy 2 girls and 1 boy for DR. JANE (black/red 32/Z, 2014 hatch from Toledo, Ohio, daughter of Belle and Allen) and her not-anywhere-to-be-seen mate.
SANTA MARIA (f, 936g, 26 days, Z/56, red tape)
CLEMENTO (f, 865g, 25 days, Z/57, yellow tape),
CACCARIO - accent over the second A (m, 636g, 26 days, 27/AW, blue tape)

We would like to thank Kara and all the wonderful staff at St. Marys for hosting this social distancing banding and sharing in our excitement!

We wish our beautiful kids safe and successful fledges! Cheers, Lucie