Another Update on Marriott

August 25, 2020 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

Well it looks like Marriott has found a travel companion I hope;) Here is an update sent in yesterday. Thanks Terri for the report and a big thank you to Ron for the beautiful photos.

Hi Marion

This is Terri Martin

I am requesting an ID on a band Peregrine Falcon I saw at Halls Road in Ajax on August 21 2020

The band is on the left leg and it is all black the letter are 06 AW on the other leg is a piece of yellow tape.

There are two falcons nesting there and have been hunting the gulls and ducks. The other Falcon is not banded.

I am sending you a picture of the Falcons and would love to know who the banded Falcon is and where he came from.

I worked at the nuclear station in pickering and retired in 2019 last year.

I hope they are still going strong with the falcon program. I was involved in the banding of the falcons. It was always so exciting.

Hope you are doing well.
My boyfriend Ron Warner he took lthe pictures and says you can post the pictures if you like.
The falcons both look quite young.