Update from Toivo

March 23, 2020 - Brampton - Courthouse

Marion Nash Reports:

Sunday Brampton both Grins sitting in the sun .. BDC and about 100 yds away. nothing exciting.
HRH Kelle st only the Male visible … but agitated, active , moving around a lot. Left the Hospital Bldg going N .. the first TV I have seen was coasting up N over Keele st … did not attack it but escorted it further away and came right back. Interesting.
KPMG Concord no falcon visible on arrival … I decided to sit on it a bit , after 15 min or so the M came in with a kill and left it on the E corner of the ledge and kited about for a bit in the breeze then returned to the W corner and sat . 2 or 3 min then walked in a bit and stood with his back to me I could just see his head from the Walmart parking lot. Then he was out of sight … I saw a head at the E corner by the kill and drove over to get a look .. it was the F eating for a minute then she took off with the kill across the road to the lower PWC bldg. 150 feet away. I went back to the Walmart parking lot and watched …. now it gets good.
The M came out to the edge of the ledge and screamed at her … then flew a few times past her returned to the ledge and sat for a minute watching her .. then he walked back in out of sight.
Note Tracy would know this the ledge is about 8 to 10 ft wide and 24 to 30 in deep no overhang. North side of the bldg. About 10 stories up … 2 years ago I watched incubation exchanges twice … then 2 days of hard cold rain right onto the ledge .. not a good spot!
Pics are from the Walmart parking lot … #1 she has just finished and #2 he is staring at her!
We could really use someone near HRH and KPMG to keep checking on these 2 sites
I hope posting it generates some interest ..