3 more sites to report From Toivo

March 22, 2020 - Brampton - Courthouse

Marion Nash Reports:

Was really looking forward seeing everyone at the show …
On Thurs I did a site Run (first 3 Pics in order about 20 mins apart) DT Brampton , Humber River Hospital at Keele and 401, and KPMG at Jane and #7 (right beside the new Subway stop not store LOL)
I have been watching Peregrines at all 3 sites for years whenever I can. Last 2 pics are Sat at HRH Keele and 401 S side of a bldg 300 yards from the hospital .. M unbanded … quick meal on a small kill then gone but not up to Hospital bldg. Went N in a hurry like on a hunt! Sorry about photo quality but I got a good at both legs with bins.
KPMG only 1 bird all winter second Grin showed up 3 weeks back and 2 weeks ago activity started … close pair flying and sitting together on the ledge on the N side of the bldg. , then for 4 days every visit 1 PF on the ledge , M stands in back from edge you could just see the top of his head. F on the corner as in the pic. And on Sat NO falcon visible 2 visits. Was wondering if 4 days was protecting un incubated eggs and now down!!!
Observed 2 Falscons at DT Brampton and the Hospital but since late last week only seeing one at all 3 sites // Sadly both Brampton and KPMG .. they are not good nest sites as both keep failing !!
I hope you are all well and being careful …
With Respect
Toivo Asikainen