!!! Toronto Sheraton Centre hotel - some weird happenings - 1 egg in the nest tray!

April 06, 2019 - Toronto - Sheraton Centre

Mark Nash Reports:

April 6th - 2019

Well, just when you think you have them all figured out,,, you are reminded that you don’t!

Linda called today with some weird news, in that her visit to the Toronto downtown Sheraton hotel has yielded some interesting news indeed…. as there is a single peregrine egg in the nest tray!

Yes, it’s definitely a peregrine egg given its colour and size! That said,, during her lengthy visit, at no time did she see a single peregrine - anywhere! This is not the norm at all!

What makes this quite strange is that the mechanical area where the computer and camera hardware is, it offers an incredible view of Toronto to the south, southeast, and southwest of the hotel, as the hotel towers above everything with it 44 floors (with the exception of the CN tower). Everything and every rooftop is before you,, and below you!

All of the usual roosting spots, in addition to the not so usual roosting spots were checked with great detail, as well as spending a lengthy time in front of the glass viewing window,, which usually has had the peregrines VERY upset, (and very visible) given that this glass area is at the same elevation and only feet to the right from the nest nest ledge itself!

This is one of the reasons that we have historically papered-up and covered this large glass pane so that any human activity is hidden from the peregrines view.

In any case,, no peregrines were around, anywhere!

We have our suspensions as to what may be going on,, as it may have something to do with the odd peregrines activity at the 18 King Street nest site, which is only blocks away to the east of the Toronto Sheraton centre hotel nest site………

As some of you may recall, it wasn’t really all that long ago that we had the same adult male from the 18 King Street nest site (WindWhistler - a.k.a. Spike) when he was servicing both adult females from the Toronto Sheraton centre nest while at the same time, he was servicing the 18 King Street nest site! WindWhistler sired offspring from both sites and both successfully fledged offspring that year from each nest sites!

The last known resident adult male here at the Toronto Sheraton centre hotel was named Tiago, and he was produced at the 18 King Street nest site,, and yes, his father was Windwhistler! Tiago returned to the territory as an adult and kicked his father out of the Toronto Sheraton nest site and became the new resident male.

Short history,, Windwhistler - a.k.a Spike was produced at the Bloor & Islington nest site in Etobicoke.

Thank goodness for banding and the legs bands that has helped us easily identify the birds over the years!!!

Only time will tell…..
Stay tuned……