Rogers fledgling rescued and safely back home

June 01, 2017 - Toronto - Rogers Centre

Marion Nash Reports:

June 1st 2017

One of the fledglings a female was rescued at the Rogers Centre and taken to Toronto Wildlife Centre to be checked for injuries and spent 4 days there for observation. Once cleared Mark Nash of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation picked her up and with OMNRF banded her. We had to wait until midnight that to release her back to her parents as the Dome was open and there had been a Blue Jays game that evening. After everyone had left the dome and all was quite security took Mark up to elevation and with some kicking and hissing from the feisty girl she was released with no issues.

She was named Vita and was banded at 37 days old weighing about 900 grams her band number Z 07 with Red and White tape on the USA band to help us track her from ground.

Pictures to come.