Banding Day

June 11, 2017 - Stoney Creek

Marion Nash Reports:

June 9th 2017

4 chicks banded with success today thanks to quarry staff, John Miller our climber, Anne Yagi our master bander and CPF volunteer Lucy who took photos . It was tricky running between thunder storms from one nest site banding to another but we dodged the storms once again and the chicks all got banded without any problem.

Here is the information of the 2017 chicks in order banded for the quarry

male 675 grams band number Y 56 named Pud with Red tape on silver band
female 950 grams band S 45 named Fatina with white tape on Silver band
male 645 grams band number Y 57 named Johnston with blue tape on silver band
male 640 grams band number Y 58 named JJ with green tape on silver band.

Al 4 chicks were in good health and 25 to 30 days old at banding. We expect the first flights in about a week. Good luck to all 4 hope they all fly well and stay aloft.

Photos to come.