Rogers Centre Update

April 17, 2016 - Toronto - Rogers Centre

Bruce Massey Reports:

I went down to Rogers Centre yesterday to try and identify the resident adults and determine if nesting is on track.  I found one adult, the female, on the low RBC sign on the north side and was able to get a clear scope view of her legs.  She is still the unbanded female we nicknamed Renny (for the Renaissance Hotel). As I was only seeing one bird at this time and saw no sign of the male for the first hour I was there, I believed that they were incubating eggs somewhere.  I walked around Rogers Centre focusing my attention on the female and her activities when I heard ee-chupping high up on the condos to the west.  There I found the male and Renny joined him up there for a conversation.  She took off around to the southeast and he remained on the north side of the condo.  I didn’t see where the female went but I believe that she is on the east side incubating eggs in a yet to be determined location.  The male made several flights and at one point engaged a third bird.  This was a female and it got quite intense.  Renny joined the male in dealing with this intruder as she was too much for the resident male alone.  The intruding female was eventually escorted out by Renny and the resident male took up position on the crane at the south side of Rogers Centre.  I was able to get a partial band read of his solid black Ontario recovery band and it looks as though this is still Luke from the 2011 nest at Canada Square.  I will be back to determine exactly where they are nesting and fully confirm the identity of Luke.