All Quiet in Stoney Creek

April 08, 2015 - Stoney Creek

Tracy Simpson Reports:

I stopped in at the Quarry in Stoney Creek today to check in on Athena and Craig in the hopes of finding the pair at home.  The winds were quite strong and the road quite busy so I was unable to get a scope view of the nest cavity but I did manage a view.  It would appear that there is something in the nest cavity but given the distance I was unable to confirm whether this was a peregrine or not.  The territory itself was very quiet with no peregrines in sight but the quarry is large and the camouflage great so finding them is very challenging.  Of interest was a local pair of Red tailed hawks that were hunting without being challenged or raising an alarm.  I will be back for a better view of the nest cavity to confirm whether this pair is active there this year.