Some Photos of the Resident Adults at Lakeridge Hospital in Oshawa

July 14, 2014 - Oshawa - Oshawa Activity

Tracy Simpson Reports:

On Saturday the CPF pulled together quickly to band the single young female chick hatched at the Lakeridge Hospital.  The resident adults, Alfrieda from the Central Terminal nest site in Buffalo and Simoce from Canada Square here in Toronto, were in fine form giving Kathy Smith and I a good talking to.  They came in several times but not too close as they are new to this and have some confidence building to do as productive parents.  Still they were very active and did a great job.

Salveo, the single female chick, was banded downstairs and represents a new generation in the Windwhistler and Erin family tree.  She is the great great granddaughter  of this famous Toronto pair still nesting to this day at 18 King Street East, both now at the age of 16.  Congratulations Lakeridge on your successful hatch and we look very forward to the future with Alfrieda and Simcoe.