Salveo Staying High with Alfrieda and Simcoe

July 27, 2014 - Oshawa - Oshawa Activity

Bruce Massey Reports:

On Sunday I travelled out to the Lakeridge Hospital site in Oshawa to check in on Salveo and her parents Alfrieda and Simcoe.  After checking in with security I headed out to the west side of the hospital to take a look for the family and found all three at home.  Salveo has made several flights since she fledged and today was sitting up on an elevation one step down from the nest ledge.  Alfrieda and Simcoe were both around the southwest corner area keeping an eye on their young daughter and preening the day away.  After about an hour or so Alfrieda took off on a hunt but did not return for a while so I called it a day with Salveo still on the ledge where I first located her and Simcoe on the southwest corner.