!!! A love relationalship developing in Whitby Ontario, - Simcoe (from Toronto Ont.) and Alfrieda from Buffalo NY. USA

January 14, 2014 - International, National and Local News

CPF Postmaster Reports:

January 14th - 2014
A huge thank you to Rob for his observation report and photos, we have identified both peregrines via their leg band numbers from his photos, -
The Black banded peregrine with the solid black band 63 over X and the Yellow tape on the silver USFW band on the other leg is one that was banded on May 24 2012, produced at the Canada Square nest site here in Toronto in 2012 as a hatchling, - named Simcoe, (produced at the Canada Square nest site is a the Yonge & Eglinton nest site here in up-town Toronto). You can see the history of the nest site on the CPF web site -

The larger female peregrine in your photos, is a USA produced peregrine, (the one with the Black over Green band – 73 over AW). The Black over green/ 73 over AW peregrine was Hatched 2012, a Female, Her named is Alfrieda, named after one of the architects of the Central Terminal in Buffalo NY USA

Rob Reports:
Sighting January 14, 2014 at the lakeshore in Whitby, Ontario, at the waters edge in Lynde Shores Conservation Area.
Two Peregrine Falcons were resting in a tree by the lake’s edge. After some stretching, they flew off one at a time towards the East.
There are many ducks and also many small birds in the area as they are constantly fed by visitors here.
One bird had a silver metal band on the right leg and a black over green on the right leg. The number on the black was 73 but the letters on the green were not very clear, I believe it may be AW (see pictures).
The other bird had a yellow band on the right leg and an all black band on the other. This one was clearly 63/X .
Please feel free to use the attached pictures. I can send higher resolution pictures if needed.
yours truly, rob millar

Rob Millar