One Spotted Today

November 18, 2012 - Toronto - Hearn Power Station

Frank Butson Reports:

While out doing some birding near Tommy Thompson Park, Cori and I decided to stop and check up on what was happening at Hearn.  Upon arrival we immediately spotted the shape of a bird on the roof  level. With binoculars at the ready we quickly ID’d the bird as being an adult Peregrine Falcon. It clearly had a full crop, so had eaten very recently and thus didnt do much of anything during our visit, but sit and enjoy the warmth of the sun. There was a good deal of activity in the area, but the bird which I believe was male, after reviewing the photos, was not bothered at all.  We left him as we found him.  Periodically over the winter, I will check in on this location.

Male Peregrine Falcon Perched Peregrine