!!! Banding Day Success and Photos

May 24, 2012 - Toronto - Canada Square Building - Yonge and Eglinton

Frank Butson Reports:

The banding of the three Canada Square Peregrine Falcon chicks was a great success, again.

Many thanks to:

Neil Armstrong and his wonderful staff, of Northam Realty Advisors Limited. Their monitoring of the scrape and the updates received are very much appreciated.

The gentleman from Solar Window Cleaning who has faced the wrath of Haven for the second year!! No faint heart is he, as he extracted and later replaced the chicks whilst Haven chattered at, and attacked, him! Am I correct in believing him to be Steve McGough?

Mark Heaton, from Ministry of Natural Resources who arrived solo today but who had help from some of the folks in the audience.


Also in attendance were several Torontonians, one for the first time, and the intrepid visitors from Rochester who came to see several bandings and visit and check on a number of their Rochester Peregrines who have settled in Toronto.


The stars of the banding need introducing:

Simcoe - 440 grammes - 17-20 days old - black band 63 over X - yellow tape

Solar - 395 grammes - 16 days old - black band R over 38 - blue tape

Brisk – 385 grammes - 17 days old - black band R over 39 - red tape


They all dutifully had their first few drops of water and were quiet whilst tasting this *wet stuff*. One feisty little youngster even had the nozzle in his beak for a brief moment. They still had messy faces from a recent feeding.

Whilst the banding was underway those on *the outside*, fending off Haven, placed a brand new nest tray on the ledge and filled it with pea gravel. We hope it will be put to good use in future years. Note the broom in the photo is used only to ward off attack,they DO NOT strike the birds or “baseball” swing at them.

At the end of the banding I went outside to my usual perch to see if there was any activity from Haven and Stormin. I could only see the very top of an adult head on the ledge but there was no other sight or sound from them. After a few minutes I left.


My apologies if I have omitted any acknowledgements.



Simcoe Weighs In Simcoe Intrducing Solar