!!! Courtney is still around, and is STILL chasing MOM & DAD AROUND FOR FREE HANDOUTS!!

February 02, 2012 - Brampton - Courthouse

CPF Postmaster Reports:

Feb 4th - 2012
I spent Saturday doing regular checks of downtown , Every time I went through I had chances to view Pefas , Including , watching I presume Courtney, bothering Truss on a kill on the BDC building.
Truss left to sit on the front of the building(backlit and cloudy so the pics were useless) and Courtney proceeded to ignore the kill and take off after crows about a kilometre away at maybe 500 feet elevation, two bugged out and the third was chased about a minute down to and around a building , till it saved itself by taking shelter in some trees. It almost seemed like play.

Sunday morning I found no falcons downtown , so I checked the mall near the courthouse, nothing ,so I proceeded to the courthouse, and found an adult male on a kill, being bothered by a juvenile female. When he was done he flew to a south facing ledge to sun. Again Courtney ignored the kill and this time she took a playful run at a gull, then returned to sit on a small cell tower above ,,, I presume Milton.

I have included three pics in which you can clearly see , a juvenile female and adult male and the wing of a kill, The one on the cell tower, shows the vertical barring of a juvenile , and the third shows the two about 50 feet apart.

This is the first sightings I personally have have had of Falcons on the courthouse since mid Dec. 2011