!!! Baby Courtney takes three more flights, meets some very unhappy avian neighbours, and finally ends the at the Peel police station on an unmarked police car in the parking lot.

July 22, 2011 - Brampton - Courthouse

CPF Postmaster Reports:

Friday July 22nd - 2011 afternoon and evening report.
Bruce reports:

0545 Hrs- Arrived on site, Both Male & female in attendance. Courtney popped up a few minutes later.

0615- Female disappears, but male still in attendance. Went to Coffee shop for some water and saw Female on Northwest Antenna of Court House.

0645- Saw both Male & Female do some “Flight Invitations” by crisscrossing over Courtney. Also met Tovio, and caught up on some of the happenings around the site since I had done the initial Observations & ID’s. At this time also saw Dad & a juvie American Kestrel (AK) in a Half Hearted Air Battle. Dad really wasn’t into it and broke it off around the Service Ontario Building.

0730- Observed 1st Feeding by Female, (Small Package).

0745- Male & Female with an In Air Transfer of a Food Package

0815- Female into ledge w/Courtney, pretty sure left Food Package.

0830- Took a quick break, both adults absent. Courtney out of sight.

0900- Contacted by an Inside Watcher-she confirmed Where Cortney was.

0915- Courtney woke up, was a little farther to the East than I had thought. She made her way to West end of ledge.

0920- Courtney attempted to fly ti SouthEast Corner @ the same level. She just about made it, however she didn’t manage to get her second foot on and llost her balance, and slid face first 40 or so feet down the Wall. After heading South and not seeing I headed East towards a little Hillock just East of the East Building. About halfway there I saw her (Typical Female, looking at herself in the mirrored glass) @ about the same time one of the Office watchers came down & pointed out where she was.

0940- Courtney came out to East end briefly but then headed back into the shade.

1100- Noticed Male had returned to his position on lower roof ledge South of the Courthouse entrance. Looks over & can’t find Courtney @ original preflight ledge. Am pretty sure won’t see Courtney if she Is tucked up in corner in the shade.

1115- Female flys in & joins Male, both vocalize & male flys to original ledge. Some Vocalization, and am pretty sure Male would be able to see Courtney. He flew directly over where I think she is and headed South coming back about 10 minutes later to the SouthWest corner. Female stayed on above Roof.

1400- Situation pretty much the same until this time when AK came in after the Female & spent about 10-15 min Dive Bombing her silly.

1630-Situation pretty much the same until this time, except when Courtney had a couple of Friends (Pigeons) drop down to her level to visit her and the pesky bug that kept bothering her.

1700- Relieved by Pm watch crew.
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Postmaster update:
In an effort to explain today’s events with so much that has happened, I’m going to have complete the report in several updates. There are many loads of photos and observations stil to come in.
Further details and photos to follow, stay tuned……